Although born in Washington, D.C. in 1967, sculptor Ken Faraoni never lived in one place long enough as a child to call any town home. It was during a summertime visit to Disneyland that he first became fascinated with sculpture and remembers being overwhelmed at the realization that the animatronic people and animals there were somehow all made by human hands. The very next day, Ken asked to be taken to a toy store and used what allowance he had saved to wisely buy his first pound of clay, a decision he still doesn’t regret to this day. Ken was six years old.

Never formally trained, Ken turned his disciplined hobby into a living by the time he reached fifteen, doing special-effects make-up and becoming head sculptor for a make-up studio. This led Ken to a journey out west in his early twenties, where his eyes were opened to the world of fine art bronze, a discovery made during a stint producing high-end Halloween masks. Ken never lost sight of the beauty that inspired him since the beginning and soon grew weary of making monsters. Instead, he fixed his gaze upon the classic art of bronze and there he found his place, rooted deeply in the splendor, vivacity and gracefulness of nature, where he's been ever since.

Ken is now putting down roots in the beautiful city of Lynchburg, VA, accompanied by his tiny kitten Mucha and more wonderful friends than he can count. He appreciates being given the opportunity to share the story of the beauty in the world through his view, knowing that sometimes that which is most beautiful gets overlooked in the rush of life's trappings. He believes you should take a minute. Breathe deeply. Live fully. Look closely. Be silly. Enjoy.